Prety laptop cover bags

I like to describe myself as entrepreneurial, very entrepreneurial… and for this reason, I find myself constantly looking for new and easy ways to do stuff to save me money and time. I thought to myself, well, of what use is it if I don’t share my exploits. What the hell!, what do i lose?… absolutely nothing.

Exploit 1:

The problem: I simply adore my macbook pro! Still fresh and pretty looking :). A few weeks after I got it, it registered some scratches; from my door keys in my handbag. The covers I saw around were expensive for me, i.e. $30 – $50.

My Solution: I made one for myself (see below). If you want one, mail to for GHC15 ($10 ONLY).

Do you want to start your own global software company?

The Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) is training and developing the next generation of global software entrepreneurs from Ghana. Our goal is to create wealth and jobs locally in Ghana by training and mentoring graduates to start their own software companies that will compete successfully in the global marketplace. It is our hope that these software entrepreneurs will inspire generations to follow in their footsteps.


  • A two year FULL SCHOLARSHIP program focused on market-oriented software development and practical entrepreneurship training. Our goal is to provide you with the practical skills and resources you need to start a company that can compete in the global market space.
  • A full time in-house training in commercial software development and entrepreneurship within an international environment; an international faculty with over 20 years experience in software development and international business. Details on the training content are available at:
  • Housing, tuition fees, meals and study materials provided to trainees
  • Opportunity to join the MEST Incubator, where start-up companies receive seed funding, office space and mentoring to get their companies started


  • Applicants can be university graduates or final year students completing school by July 2011.
  • Prior knowledge in computer science or programming is not a requirement.
  • Applicants should have a 1st degree / HND / Diploma from any background, but must have the interest and passion to start their own software company


Applicants should have the passion to start their own software company, an interest in technology / computers, confidence to take risks, drive / stamina, team player skills, strong communication skills, personality & humour, entrepreneurial spirit


To apply to the MEST program, please follow this link:

You can also forward this message to friends and colleagues who have expressed such interests.

Deadline for application: 17th April 2011

For further questions and comments please contact us at:

Mobile: 020 201 4363



How to be a Guest Blooger @ GH Tech

GH Tech is inviting Guest Bloggers, in the next couple of months. If you have keen interest in writing about technology innovations in Ghana please feel free to drop us a note at and begin blogging right away!

Objectives of GH Tech:

We are a ‘not for profit’ blog and it is currently our ultimate goal to provide our audience with technology stories and innovations by Ghanaians  from Ghana and beyond. We seek to achieve this by engaging the community and friends of GH Tech. Let’s hear your story 🙂


  1. Blog Posts must be centered around technology innovations that are being used by Ghanaians to solve peculiar Ghanaian problems.
  2. Please do well to provide sources of images and links to such innovations.
  3. Please note that plagiarism is an offense punishable by law; cite your sources. i.e. Be sure to give credit to original owners of any data or information used that does not belong to you.


  1. Guest Bloggers can provide links to their individual blogs and Blog Posts.
  2. Guest Bloggers are acknowledged on all of  GH Tech’s Platforms ( Blog, Twitter, Facebook) for their work.
  3. Guest Bloggers should note GH Tech is not engaged in any income generating activities and as a result is not in the position to reward it’s Guest Bloggers Financially.

TEDxYouthInspire in Accra

If there’s ever been a time in the history of Ghana (in my lifetime) where there’s been a strong sense of  ‘Youth Empowerment’  then I’d say that time has been the past couple of months where a group of young “fella’s” from across Africa and beyond are bringing to Ghana a one day conference (TExYouthInspire) taking place at the Ghana-India Kofi Annan Center of Excellence in ICT on the 10th of April 2010. The Conference with the Theme “A Good Head & A Good Heart” will bring together 100 youth aged between 14 and 25 from across Africa.

What I even find more exciting is the caliber of speakers chosen for the event. The team putting the conference together, made a conscious effort to invite speakers under age 30 huh!!! how exciting (never heard of anything like that in Ghana before); I find that very uncharacteristic of most conferences I’ve attended in Ghana. In a latest post on the conference site, this is how the Team captioned the conference: Young Speakers take center stage at first TEDx Conference exclusively for African Youth. I personally found that very exciting 😀

My Take on the Conference

Its just about 5 days to the conference, and I feel so strongly that  it will be awesome, why? because in Ghana, I find that it is easy for our older folks to be tempted to tell the youth what is right and wrong and because of this whole generational gap, it mostly does not work out well for our older folks. This time its different, its gonna be younger folks who have had the opportunity to change their environments engage with their peers on national/economic issues. Wait till you hear this: All 8 Speakers are under age thirty, but there are two teenagers (one from Ghana and the other from Nigeria 17 and 19 respectively).

I feel so passionate about Ghana and Africa so much that, you know, I wish our governments will give us (young people) a listening ear just to hear what is on our hearts and how we dream of our nations and continent. I don’t know about you though, but my heart bleeds and I am craving for a positive change for Ghana and Africa and I hope that members of the government will find their way to the conference and hear what it’s future leaders have to say.

Timbuktu Chronicles: Trashy Bags

Timbuktu Chronicles: Trashy Bags.

It’s really about time we started turning all the trash in Ghana into some good stuff. So far I know of another Artist who is also trying to use the waste in Accra as his resources for his art work. I find this extremely encouraging and exciting because it tells us that Ghanaians are actually concerned about the filth that is engulfing the country though I used to think otherwise. Perhaps we need a better platform to promote these products. Kudos and much respect to ya’ll 😉

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Ananse Stories and more online!

I came by this website this evening while browsing friends’ profiles on facebook. Its called the Ghana Real E-Books. So on the platform, you can basically select story books (by the way, all books are by Ghanaian / African writers) of your choice and read them. A little window (mimicking the size of a story book) opens as you select a book to read . I totally loved the idea of reading such stories online. Here are a couple of screen shots I captured from going through the website:

Image by: realelibrary

This image is a representation of outlook of the website, and from this point on you can hover your mouse over any of the stories that is of interest to you.

And then when you select a book to read, this is how you can read through it.

Image by: realebooks

To move to the next page click on the ‘next’ link located at the bottom left corner of the page. You know the other cool thing is that, you can go publish your own stories there too and have others read them. What do you think? Pls do read more about them here and share your thoughts so so far…