Ananse Stories and more online!

I came by this website this evening while browsing friends’ profiles on facebook. Its called the Ghana Real E-Books. So on the platform, you can basically select story books (by the way, all books are by Ghanaian / African writers) of your choice and read them. A little window (mimicking the size of a story book) opens as you select a book to read . I totally loved the idea of reading such stories online. Here are a couple of screen shots I captured from going through the website:

Image by: realelibrary

This image is a representation of outlook of the website, and from this point on you can hover your mouse over any of the stories that is of interest to you.

And then when you select a book to read, this is how you can read through it.

Image by: realebooks

To move to the next page click on the ‘next’ link located at the bottom left corner of the page. You know the other cool thing is that, you can go publish your own stories there too and have others read them. What do you think? Pls do read more about them here and share your thoughts so so far…


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